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Why You Should Consider Fabric Content In Kidswear

Comfortable kidswear is a must, but do you know which fabrics to look for? Find out here in our complete guide!

How much thought do you put into choosing clothes for children? It’s easy to buy the first garment that looks cute, but it’s essential to note some fabrics are better for kids than others.

For example, cottons are more comfortable and breathable than polyesters. However, polyester compositions are considered more durable. These durable materials are easy to clean and quick drying.

Every material has a specific function and use, from lightweight summer fabrics to durable textiles. Keep reading to find out which fibers are best for your tots and where to find them. Let’s dive in!

What Are the Best Clothes for Kids?

Comfortable kidswear is a must. Here are some of the features you should look for and the fabrics that offer them.

Soft Textures

The clothes you are wearing should feel as good as they look. So, to ensure your kids feel comfortable, opt for fabrics like cotton for a soft feel. This fiber also keeps children cool, and it’s super versatile.

Explore the 100% cotton Valentina Liberty Blouse which offers a soft texture and a beautiful look. We love the lace collar — it’s super on-trend! Perfect for your mini me's.

Cotton isn’t just for summer shirts, though! It can also make cozy children’s clothes — like the Portland Pullover. This jumper is thicker to tackle cooler temperatures, and it’s made of 100% organic cotton. Ideal if you’re after a sustainable purchase!

Durable Fabrics

Let’s face it. Delicate fabrics aren’t always best for kids.

From running around the park to climbing trees, kidswear experiences some serious wear and tear. Instead of re-buying flimsy garments again and again, it’s often easier to opt for durable textiles that can withstand activity.

Denim is a great example of a durable fabric, and this can withstand hours of play, and it’ll keep children more protected while they’re exploring.

The Dotty Dungarees Pale Denim Dungarees are made for childhood adventures. With classic stonewash blue denim and a soft combed 100% cotton poplin lining, kids are protected and cozy while wearing them. These will stand the test of time, for sure.

Want something a little more colorful? Dotty Dungarees have options for all kids. Explore their Pastel Color Block Dungarees, another popular style created with durable denim to withstand lots of play.

Lightweight Fabrics

When the sun is out especially during summer, breathable children’s clothing should be a staple in your child's wardrobe. Lightweight fabrics allow sweat to escape, keeping kids cooler, breezier, and more comfortable on hot summer days.

Linen is an unrivaled fabric for warmer weather, as this material is hypoallergenic, breathable, and highly absorbent — leaving the wearer feeling chilled in the heat.

Add some linen to your tot’s wardrobe with the Linen Embroidered Dress, a neutral 100% linen offering with cute mini floral embroideries.

Alternatively, some Linen Shorts are an excellent addition for kids who enjoy patterns. These shorts are created from 54% linen and 46% cotton, giving you the best qualities of each fiber.

Choosing The Perfect Wardrobe

So, next time you’re picking up some clothes for your little ones, take a moment to read the care label. Consider the fabric content and its benefits. Will it offer value to your child? Or will they feel better in a different fabric? You can also apply this thought process to your wardrobe. You’ll feel the difference, we promise!

Start your kidswear collection today. Jump to the Little Blueberry Kids shop here.

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