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Earth Day 2023: Exploring Sustainable Fashion For Children

Earth Day 2023 is almost here. We’re celebrating with eco-friendly children’s clothing and sharing the importance of shopping sustainably. Find out more here!

Here at Little Blueberry Kids, we take sustainability very seriously.

From sourcing organic cotton products to ensuring we work with eco-friendly manufacturers, looking after the environment and future generations is always on our minds. That’s why we’re taking the time to celebrate Earth Day 2023, an important event in our calendars.

Part of creating a sustainable environment is raising awareness about the importance of eco-friendly children’s clothing. Today, we’re considering why sustainable clothes are important and how to shop sustainably for your children. Ready to learn more? Scroll down to dive in!

What Is Earth Day 2023?

Before we jump into sustainable fashion for children, we’ll quickly raise some awareness for Earth Day.

Earth Day occurs every April 22nd, and it’s a national event that celebrates our planet, being kind to the environment, and how to be more sustainable. 2023 marks the 53rd celebration of the event, and we’re taking it as a chance to reflect on how to be more responsible when buying children’s wear.

The Importance of Sustainable Kid’s Fashion

So, why is it so crucial to invest in these eco-friendly options? Choosing ethical kid’s clothing comes with a plethora of benefits for the environment and for the future of our children.

The top advantages of changing up your shopping habits include the following:

  • Reducing your overall environmental impact, as sustainable clothing uses fewer of the Earth’s finite resources.

  • Building conscious consumer habits. Many of us tend to shop without thinking. Practicing sustainable shopping improves our habits.

  • Reduces your carbon footprint. Fewer greenhouse gasses are released with sustainable baby clothes.

  • Supports ethical labor practices. Besides looking after the Earth, sustainable kid’s fashion also supports better working conditions.

How to Get Started

Ready to embrace sustainable fashion for children this Earth Day? Here are some statements to look out for when shopping (and how Little Blueberry Kids can help!)

Small Batches

Look for small-batch collections. These are consciously produced to remove the adverse effects of mass production.

We work with sustainable small batches from women-owned brands to ensure your child’s clothing is produced with care and made to last for several generations. For example, our Cotton Flower Cardigan features hand-crocheted flowers designed to last several clothing lifespans.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is another essential label to look for. This fabric is free from harmful chemicals, comfortable to wear, durable, and better for the farmers who make it.

Our collection features dozens of cozy organic cotton looks, including the popular MoonStruck Sweatshirt and Estella Organic Baby Romper.

Want to treat your tots? We also stock organic cotton toys! Meet our gray Diplodocus plush, a new sustainable friend for your little ones.

Ethical Dyes

Chemical dyes aren’t only harmful to us, but they also ruin the environment.

We’re serious about clothing safety and only use ethically produced and sustainably sourced clothing. This means our dyed garments are tested for your children’s safety. For example, our Arvin French Terry Jogger is made with safe water-based dyes, which provide long-lasting color and durability.

Making Sustainable Choices For Your Children

Sustainable fashion for children is more than just a “trend.” It’s a movement. This movement looks after our kids' health and our planet's wellness. Keeping the future in mind is essential, so don’t forget to protect your little ones with ethical clothing this Earth Day!

Curious about sustainability?Shop our full ethical collection here. Or learn more about our sustainable practices here.

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