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How Can New Moms Take Care of Themselves When It’s All About the Baby

Navigating postpartum life alone is difficult. Find the best self-care for new moms and newborn baby advice online here.

Motherhood is an incredible experience that’s beautiful, meaningful, and hard to sum up with words.

However, it’s time we acknowledge that postpartum life isn’t as glamorous as some influencers make it seem. In fact, being a new mom and practicing self-care almost seems impossible. In a time when everyone’s fussing about the baby, it’s easy to feel forgotten and ignored.

We think this needs to change. We want to give back to all the new moms and ensure they have the resources to get through this precious-but-difficult time. Scroll down to see our top postpartum self-care tips that actually help — AKA no meditation or yoga guides!

Self-Care For New Moms: A Survival Guide

Use these new mom tips to nourish your body and mind through the newborn stage.

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

Easier said than done! Getting your baby to sleep is notoriously tricky, even if you have all the latest sleep gadgets. But a good night of rest is essential for you and your newborn, so you might have to devise a routine that suits both of you.

Parenting experts recommend sleeping earlier in the evening and establishing a constant bedtime routine. This can encourage your baby to fall asleep at the same time. However, this method doesn’t guarantee good sleep every time.

So, if your baby falls asleep, try and nap with them. Your rest is more important than the few dishes on the side, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Focus On Hydration & Nutrition

We'll sound like a broken record now but focus on hydration and nutrition alongside good sleep. These are fundamental human needs, and you’ll feel much better for them. We know how hard it is when you are constantly taking care of a little human 24x7. So we get it!

Don’t force yourself to cook from-scratch meals, though. Cooking easy meals is a must in the postpartum period. Be gentle with yourself and cut corners where you can — unless you’re an avid cook, of course!

Get Regular Fresh Air

This will sound silly to some, but breathing fresh air is an excellent way to take care of yourself. And this can be as simple as opening the windows for few minutes.

Studies have proven that fresh air boosts moods, lowers heart rates, and improves energy levels. If you’re feeling up to it, take a walk to get your dopamine flowing. Exercise is another crucial element for new moms.

Ask For Help

Have you ever heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child’?

There’s something valuable behind this proverb, and it’s a staple on newborn baby advice blogs. Whether you share responsibilities with a family member or partner or simply vent your feelings to a trusted friend, relying on others is okay. Speak with your doctor and reach out to professionals if needed.

Asking for help is a human reaction that doesn’t make you weak. Accepting help is a strong characteristic — and remember, “A problem shared is a problem halved.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Finally, it’s vital to check in with yourself and your feelings. Postpartum can be very difficult, especially if you’re emotionally and physically exhausted.

Remember that it’s okay to not be okay. You don’t need to force yourself into a fake positive state. However, contacting friends and family to speak about your experience can help. Having a baby changes your life, so having new emotions is expected.

Chatting with professional healthcare providers or counselors can help you settle into the experience. Postpartum support can be found via online resources, new mum forums, and therapists.

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