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How To Create Fun Summer Outfits For Kids

Summer is nearly here, and it’s time to prepare kids vacation clothes and outfits that keep tots cool. Find the best summer outfits for kids here!

Choosing summer outfits for kids is a fun task. From bright colors to fun prints, the summer months are all about going big and bold with style. But pretty design isn’t the only metric you should be investigating! Breathable fabrics, comfortable clothes, and sun protection are also vital factors to consider.

Start your journey to a stylish and protective summer wardrobe for kids today. Scroll down to see our tips and favorite picks for summer 2023 now!

Summer Outfits For Kids: What You Need To Know

Selecting clothes for the summer might seem simple, but there are some key concepts you need to consider. That’s right! Part of selecting summer outfits for kids is ensuring they’ll be comfortable and cool in the hot weather.

Here are some of the crucial tips to keep in mind when curating that all-important summer wardrobe.

  • Remember to include loose-fitting clothes. Any summer baby outfits with a loose fit keep your kids’ cool thanks to extra air circulation.

  • Explore the world of breathable fabrics. Cotton, linen, and blended fabrics are breathable and lightweight, ensuring your little one doesn’t overheat in the summer sun.

  • Don’t forget UV protection! Alongside SPF, you can keep your child protected from the sun's rays via clothing with extra coverage.

  • Select pieces that your child likes. Does your little one love dinosaurs? Or florals? Take these preferences into mind! They’ll be happier in clothes they’ve helped select.

Get into the groove this summer. Pre-planning kid’s vacation clothes for hot weather makes packing and getting dressed much more manageable. Bring on stress-free summer mornings!

Explore Mon Coeur’s selection of fun and flexible children’s summer clothing to get started. Here you’ll find comfortable fabrics, colorful designs, and clothing that’s designed for playing in the sun.

The Best Children’s Clothing For Summer

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of our recommendations for the warmer months.


Comfort is a must in the heat, and the best way to keep your little one cool is with a well-designed romper.

Baby rompers are convenient one-piece outfits that allow kids to play without restriction. They also make changing diapers easy and accessible, minimizing the time you spend on changes — great news for any busy parents!

We recommend the Aylin Romper, a breathable 100% cotton romper with easy-to-use back buttons and sweet ruffle details on the front. Cute, comfortable, and easy to fasten. The Aylin Romper is available in both pink and blue.

Check out the rest of KOKORI’s sustainable summer children's wear line here. From high-quality, breathable fabrics to sustainable production, these independent designers always put children’s comfort and the environment first.

Beach Shorts

Shorts are essential to any summer wardrobe, especially if your little one wants to explore the sand this summer.

Beach shorts are made from stretchy and soft fabrics, allowing lots of movement for those fun-filled sunny days. They also have "kangaroo" pockets for storage and a drawstring waist for extra comfort.

Check out our Embroidered Beach Sorts to start your kid’s collection today. Alternatively, try some cord dungarees for an all-in-one look! This will keep your child protected and comfortable with extra durability.

Sun Dresses

Sun dresses are a popular choice for any young girl, as these sweet garments simultaneously look cute and provide summer comfort.

Our Bella Girl’s Shoulder Tie Sundress Citrus Yellow takes inspiration from seasonal citrus fruit and vibrant colors for a vacation-ready style. Pair this with a cute sun hat, and your child will be ready to make life-long memories!

If you’re looking for the cutest sundresses, Mer St Barth have you covered! These designers are dedicated to providing colorful summer-inspired clothing for kids. Each piece represents the spirit of St Barth, ideal for vacation clothing and home summer outfits.

Starting Your Summer Shopping

We hope you’re feeling inspired to start shopping now. From dainty sundresses to flexible shorts, Little Blueberry Kids is here to help with your summer shopping.

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