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Circular Fashion & Sustainable Kidswear For A Brighter Future

At Little Blueberry Kids, we’re always looking to the future. From sustainable fashion to recycled clothes, see our latest initiatives and their benefits here.

Sustainable fashion is a topic near and dear to our hearts. Here at Little Blueberry Kids, we’re continually reassessing our sustainable practices to ensure we offer the garments and services that positively impact the environment.

We’re proud to announce we’ve added circular fashion to our online community! Alongside our eco-friendly children’s clothing, you can now resell pre-loved clothing and accessories, giving all pieces another life.

Keep reading to learn more about our Buy-Use-Sell-ReUse model and other environmental benefits we strive for.

What Is Circular Fashion?

So, what is circular fashion, and why are we adding it to our online store?

Simply put, the circular fashion model considers the end of the garment’s life just as much as the start. Instead of disposing of the product when used, it’s reused or recycled into something new. This closes the “loop” of the old linear fashion cycle, making it a circular model.

For example, instead of disposing of clothes in landfill, a circular fashion model sees them upcycled, recycled, or reused as they are.

How Little Blueberry Kids Can Help

Ethical fashion practices are important to us, and we want to bring circular fashion goodness to our customers.

We now offer a Buy-Use-Sell-ReUse model to make recycled clothes and accessories more accessible to parents.

Here you can resell kids’ clothing bought from Little Blueberry Kids to other eco-conscious consumers. You can also work with us to donate clothing to non-profit organizations to help kids in need.

And don’t worry. Shipping your used clothing to us is simple! We provide a return label; all you need to do is ship the garments to us – stress-free and good for the planet.

Other Sustainable Initiatives

Circular fashion and recycling aren’t our only initiatives!

We also use sustainable, plastic-free, and compostable packaging to limit our usage of non-recyclable resources. Many of our garments are also made from recycled textiles and organic fabrics.

When it comes to saving the planet, we’re always looking for the next sustainable solution. Read more about Little Blueberry Kids’ sustainability here.

Why We Focus On Sustainable Kidswear

Sustainable kidswear and ethical practices are vital to looking after the world around us. Here are some of our favorite benefits of our circular fashion and eco-friendly clothing services.

  • A circular economy keeps products and materials in use for as long as possible, giving clothes a longer lifespan.

  • Fewer raw materials are used, reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.

  • No wasteful plastic packaging is used for our orders. All packaging is compostable.

  • Children are introduced to planet-friendly materials and processes from a young age, promoting sustainable habits.

  • When parents shop with us, being sustainable is easy and hassle-free.

  • Pre-loved donated clothes are given to children in need, allowing them to access high-quality clothes without environmental impacts.

Making The Future A Better Place

Circular fashion and sustainable kidswear are two practices you can embrace by shopping with Little Blueberry Kids. This way, you can simultaneously look after your tots and the natural world. Perfect!

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