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Basically cute, award-winning, gender-free and plastic-free kids apparel, designed for circularity ♻️🐾❤️🌍 The QT is a brand with a purpose - to spread cuteness sustainably and help parents raise their kids on values of equality. Created and designed by a parent, who was frustrated by the kids’ clothing stereotype bringing you Unisex styles. Founder, designer and parent Petya wanted to bring you clothing that is as harmless as possible and loaded with positive vibes, so that you can feel confident that what you have purchased has not harmed and will not harm anyone in any way. That's why The QT is sustainably and ethically made, and also designed for circularity to be as close as possible to fully natural, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. If you value quality over quantity, style over fashion, cuteness over beauty, and clothes that wash without polluting, you are going to love The QT. The QT mission is to spread cuteness sustainably and raise kids on values of equality.
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