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The Kidiwi-Penelope Kids Fancy Basket is a delightful accessory that adds a whimsical yet practical touch to any child's ensemble. Made with meticulous attention to detail, this charming basket is not only visually pleasing, but sturdy and functional. Handcrafted for exceptional quality, the Penelope Kids Fancy Basket is suitable for all occasions - play dates, picnics, or even a decorative room accessory. It presents not only an opportunity for holding toys and knick-knacks, but it also encourages imagination and creativity among youngsters. Encapsulate the magic of childhood with this delightful, SEO-friendly product from Kidiwi.

Made in : Madagascar

raffia bag with handsmocked ruffles Baby pink plumeti

Kidiwi - Penelope kids fancy basket

69,12$ Regular Price
$48.39Sale Price

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