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Mother’s Day 2023: Celebrating With Your Mini Me

Mother’s Day 2023 is nearly here, but do you know the best way to celebrate with your tots? Find out how to make this the best Mother’s Day ever online here.

Mother’s Day is an important worldwide celebration highlighting the power and sacrifices mothers make to give their families love and support.

Typically, Mother’s Day celebrations include flowers, chocolates, and lots of well-deserved pampering. But this year, there’s a new trend moms are embracing! That’s right. 2023 is the year of matching mini me children’s clothes.

But what is this trend, and how can you embrace it? Keep reading to find out how to make your celebrations memorable this year!

Celebrating With Your Mini Me

So, what is mini me clothing?

Mini me clothing can be defined as clothing that matches the parent and the child. This can be in identical outfits, but it can also involve matching patterns and color schemes. The aim is to create a fun and cohesive fashion look for you and your child.

Why You Should Try Mini Me Clothing

Dressing in matching clothing is a fun way to embrace Mother’s Day. But it’s also a great way to show your love and strengthen your bond with your kids. Many parents match their outfits to their kids to create a sense of unity, especially when the tots are younger!

Matching mini me clothing is also a great idea for special events or taking family photos. Next time you’re taking Christmas or thank you card photos, opt for an identical color or pattern scheme to take your family memories to the next level.

When is Mother’s Day 2023?

Need to add Mother’s Day 2023 to your calendar? This year the Us celebrations are on Sunday, May 14th. Don’t forget the big day!

The Best Kids Clothing Options For Mother’s Day 2023

If you want to embrace the mini me clothing trend this year, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered some inspiration and themes to help you choose a clothing theme for the big day. Simply match your wardrobe to these high-quality outfit suggestions for an unforgettable result.

Joyful Yellows

Picking a matching color scheme is easy to create matching mini me outfits. However, some colors are more popular than others regarding kids’ clothing. One of the best options is a bright yellow, which symbolizes joy and happiness.

We recommend dressing your tot in comfortable Sand Leggings or the Sunshine Bodysuit — two joyful garments by Mon Coeur. Mon Coeur creates imaginative children’s clothing that keeps little ones comfortable and cozy all throughout the year. See the Mon Coeur collection here.

Girly Dresses

If you’re a summer dress lover and want to match with your daughter, explore Mer St Barths collection. These talented designers create girly dresses to ensure young girls can access fun, high-quality dresses.

From the gorgeous Daphne dress to summer-ready Bella dress, there are endless options for mom-daughter mini me looks. Find Mer St Barth’s full collection here.

Fabulous Florals

Most moms have florals in their wardrobe, and they’re a popular pattern for any mom-daughter mini me looks. KOKORI creates sophisticated floral clothing for tots, keeping them as trendy as their mothers.

We love the floral Elise Romper Natural or the Flower Cardigan & Bennie, and both are super cute for young girls! See more of the KOKORI range here.

Organic Fabrics

Are you a fabric enthusiast? Matching fabric and fiber content is an alternative to choosing a similar color or pattern scheme.

Estella is passionate about organic fabrics and strives to create child-friendly organic clothing. These sustainable one-pieces are a must for any eco-minded mom. Shop Estella’s full line of one-pieces and toys here.

Neat Neutrals

Neutrals are a huge trend right now, and we bet many of the moms reading this have some refined neutral outfits in their wardrobes. These are an easy option for a mini me outfit, especially with the help of Colored Organics.

This brand creates ethical and honest designs to ensure your tots always look adorable. From the sophisticated Muslin Isla Bubble Romper in Clay to the Heather Grey Aspen Romper, there’s a neutral shade for all occasions. Dive into the Colored Organics collection here.

Getting Ready For Mother’s Day 2023

Will you be choosing the mini me look this Mother’s Day? Whether you match colors or opt for a similar print, it’s a cute way to show your love and appreciation for kiddos — and they’ll love matching with their mommy!

Make sure you choose sustainable clothing that’ll stand the test of time. Jump to the Little Blueberry Kids shop now.

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