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Lison Paris
Let yourself be carried away to the world of Lison Paris. Listen to the sound of the waves, feel the wind in your hair, the heat of the summer sun, the sand on your skin, hear the laughter of the children: a picture-perfect family vacation ... an enchanted journey between Cape Cod, Britany, Saint Tropez, New York, and Delhi. Immerse yourself in precious and confidential moments. 
All Lison Paris polyamide fabrics are of European origin: comfortable, breathable, and ultra-fast drying swimsuits.Bestsellers, like the Boras Boras, are created from Econyl® fiber. This high-end fiber, 100% recycled and recyclable, is developed from abandoned fishing nets and other waste collected from the oceans. An alternative to natural materials – to be preserved – and an opportunity to clean up the oceans, for eco-responsible fashion.
The charm of Econyl® also lies in its exceptional technical properties: an elastic and highly resistant fiber. Resistant and durable swimsuits. Don't be fooled by their charming ruffles, exclusive prints, and delicate stitching finishes.
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