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Knot symbolizes the concept of family and the importance of family ties as a source of security. For over twelve years we have been reinventing classic pieces with fun little details and a harmonious combination of original prints and colors.
We are a Portuguese brand that takes care of babies from the moment they are born and throughout their childhood, with a wide range of clothes and accessories for children from 00m to 12 years old, and limited editions for the whole family.
As a brand we have come to recognize more and more the important role we have in our society and in taking care of the future of our planet. Our pieces are designed and produced in Portugal, in carefully selected manufacturers, with high quality materials (and using more organic materials each season) to maximize comfort and last for many, many generations. We avoid waste as much as possible, whether through the sale of memories items (from previous collections), clothes with small defects or collection samples, and even items previously used with the project.
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