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Kapoune, original and unisex clothes for kids. 100% Made in France! Unisex children's clothes are created to last; be worn throughout the siblings. All the clothes are both colorful and trendy , and free children from pre-established codes . Each garment is designed to provide real comfort from an early age, so that babies and children can be comfortable all day long. At Kapoune, we try to save you time with clothes that are easy to put on, made of resistant fabrics that last over time!Comfort also involves the use of beautiful GOTS or OEKO-TEX certified materials . For more originality, we create exclusive patterns each season , in a graphic and contemporary universe . At Kapoune, there is no overproduction , we protect our planet and we manufacture just what is needed! And for optimal quality, we have chosen French production carried out under conditions that respect people and the environment.
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