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BABIDU is a brand with more than 25 years of experience, born from the hand of the designer Eva Rodríguez, a Sevillian designer who - from her beginnings in a company in charge of design and selection - began to stand out for her innovative spirit . Defender of natural fabrics, delicate pieces and elegance, she dresses the little ones with sweet and comfortable designs, but above all, healthy for baby's skin.They use 100% cotton in their designs as natural protection for the little ones, caressing their sensitive skin and allowing it to breathe better and feel good.
At BABIDU each and every one of the manufacturing processes of their garments by supervising each of the details, which prints a quality distinction on their clothes.They take care of every detail for the little ones, 100% cotton lace, mother-of-pearl buttons, delicate embroidery in soft fabrics with perfect finishes.All their designs are made in Spain with fabrics of the highest quality and almost handmade, providing an unbeatable value for money.
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