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Dress your little princess in comfort and style with Filibio's Organic Cotton Shorts for Girls. These playful shorts are incredibly soft and breathable, perfect for those sunny days out or indoor playtime. Made from 100% organic cotton, they are gentle on sensitive skin and environmentally friendly. The elastic waistband ensures a snug, comfortable fit, while the cute design adds a touch of charm to any outfit. Ideal for active, fun-loving girls, these Filibio shorts offer ease of movement for all their adventures. Create precious memories while prioritizing your child's comfort and the planet's health with Filibio's Organic Cotton Shorts for Girls.


Handmade in italy.



Weight: 4 oz (113.4 g)

Made in Italy

Filibio - Organic Cotton Shorts For Girls

59,51$ Preço normal
$41.66Preço promocional

30% OFF

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